Suggestions for other tunes, please!

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Re: Suggestions for other tunes, please!

Post by Ganza » Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:49 am

Hi maugein96,

yes that's some good points that you make - Actually the way I found out about forro is that I lived in Brazil for 7 months! Otherwise I wouldn't have been exposed to it.
Hearing forro (plus Irish music which I've always quite liked as my Mum is Irish) inspired me to take up the accordion about a year ago (well first I had a go at concertina and melodeon, and now I've settled on C-System, which I love!). Funnily I didn't like accordion much before I heard forro. I had that in built prejudice that people between the ages of 30 and 60 have towards accordion. It seems to me, in Anglo countries at least, that people UNDER 30 don't have that same prejudice towards the accordion, and that it has been making some kind of comeback in contemporary folk music - although I don't listen to much contemporary folk music so I can't clarify if there has in fact been a revival.
Of course in places like Brazil (and Ireland), the accordion never died at all...
Through the C-system, I've found Richard Galliano and musette players!
Anyway, I think I will write more in the "New To Here" section in this forum! I have alot to talk about.

Before I go though, if you would like to see a little bit more on accordion music of the North East of Brazil, look here. Dominguinhos plays a number of different styles on his Giuletti:" onclick=";return false;

Here is a film about the accordion (or "sanfona") in Brazil (it is played all over the country, in a variety of styles):" onclick=";return false;

And here is a series of shorter documentaries, I think stemming from the larger documentary movie above. There's alot, I haven't got through them all yet - it's interesting, many of the styles from the South of Brazil (in comparison to the sounds of the North East) sound quite familiar to my Antipodean (European) ears: ... rie/videos" onclick=";return false;
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